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Post-JAMB Test 2009/2010


Instructions: This online examination instruction is always available on You are advised to print out the examination instructions for a careful study.

To download the exam instructions,CLICK HERE!

The supplementary post-JAMB examination takes place online on February 13 th , 2010 at 0900 hrs (Nigerian Time). IMPLICATION: Candidates need not travel to Jos, Enugu, Lagos or anywhere to do the exam. You would do the exam online wherever you are. Ignore the former info in your printed Exam Card. You are advised to locate and prepare an “Examination Centre” of your choice before that day and ensure adequacies, for a hitch-free exercise. It could be a cyber café, your office, dinning table, bedroom or any other place you choose.

The online examination requires a great deal of discipline as there would be no invigilator to guide or assist in anything. A necessity is laid on you to be diligent and interpret questions and instructions intelligently.

THERE ARE TWO EXAMS ON THE WEBSITE: 1. The Demo Exam & 2. Post-JAMB Exam. The Demo Exam is already on the website for you to practice before the day, while the Post-JAMB Exam would not be on the site until 9am on February 13th, 2010 when you would do the exam in your locality.


You can apply for the POST-JAMB audition by paying for the exercise (N3,500) at any branch of Afri Bank or Skye Bank with account number (AfriBank: 0701601520611 or Skye Bank: 2781770002341. Use the Bank Teller Information to complete your registration at

 A day before the exam, ensure that all you need is adequately in place and in good condition, e.g. Power Generator, Computer, fuel, UPS, Stabilizer, Wall or Desk clock,  Mouse, Mouse Pad, Monitor, Extension Cables and sockets etc.

On the day of exam, you must relax in your “exam centre” or on your “exam desk”1hr before the exam time. Take a good moment to check thru everything necessary.

Permanently, the “Demo Exam” is readily open for candidates to practice at anytime, but candidates that have not been verified cannot login to that environment. There is no grade for attempting. This would give you a feel of what to expect on the examination day. The Mock exam would be on permanently for you to practice as many times as possible before the examination day.

Your HELP LINES for the exam are 08024555590 & 08034210786. When seeking assistance, try to rehearse your questions well before dialling. As much as possible, your questions should begin with “What” “How” “Where” “When” etc there would be no time for time-wasting babblings and ambiguous questions. Maximum time for such questions would be 20 seconds, after which the “Help-Line” may switch off to another caller. For international students, your HELP LINES for the exam are +2348024555590 & +2348034210786 respectively.

In your interest, you MUST keep visiting the website for information updates.

Read the instructions very carefully before starting. You may receive assistance for computer/internet set-up but you must not be assisted to attempt the questions: our Sensor is able to monitor examination malpractices via your computer monitors as soon as you are logged on to the EXAM page on the website.

If the image downloaded by our sensor is contrary to the one on your JAMB or LSMI record, you may face the law, for examination malpractice.

All candidates varification would close on Tuesday 9 th February, 2010. After verification exercise has been concluded, all other late registrations would be N10, 000 (Ten thousand naira) subsequently.

You must Answer ALL questions.

Time allowed for the whole exam is 1 hr 30 minutes. You must complete the two subjects within the stipulated time. All questions would be in multiple choice formats. Your time starts counting as soon as you click START. There would be no ‘extra time’ as soon as the time allotted for the examination is over. Ensure that you click on the SUBMIT button before you log off, otherwise, you would have no score for the examination.

You are expected to attempt only two subjects: either (i) Music & Mathematics or (ii) Music & English. Candidates majoring in Sound Engineering would attempt Option (i), while candidates majoring in Musical Arts Education and Church Music would attempt Option (ii.)

You are expected to open the Questions/Answer page with your JAMB Registration number and your code number (without which you cannot access the questions).  Also, two people cannot log on with your number at the same time. Therefore you are advised to protect your account info. For international students, you must contact [email protected] or call +2348034210786 for Bank Transfer details.

Regularisation Candidates would receive special codes that will be generated for you along with your payment details (without which you cannot access the questions). Ensure to obtain your Registration Number before the exam day if you fall into this category. If, however you make a late payment, ensure to call the Web Assistant for verification and generation of code for you.


1.  You lose marks for any question not attempted.



Once you start the exam, you must not stand up more than once and maximum of 4min is allowed for conveniences but there would be no extra time to compensate for such.

2. LSMI Exam Department would not be liable for power interruption in your home, office, school or whatever venue you choose for your exam.

3. LSMI Exam Department would not be liable for the speed provided by your ISP, network connectivity or any internet, software or hardware inadequacies.

4. You are advised to click on SUBMIT as soon as you finish- if the question page closes before your submission, you will have no score for the subject.

5. However, do not panic if the page closes while the internet is yet processing your submission; all your data will still be captured.


For the scope of your preparation, you may consider your MPCE-JAMB syllabus, with more focus on the following:







To attempt the Demo Exam,CLICK HERE!