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Our History

Lani Stephens Music Institute began in 1992 with the aim of providing a wholistic applied musical training in vocal and instrumental disciplines to people of all ages, races and social strata. The initiative which began 1992 at the residence of the President, at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka has over the years assumed an unprecedented level of growth because of the position of music in our culture, religion, social activities, etc.

Lani Stephens Music Institute even though promoted by Rev. (Dr.) Lani Stephens, welcomes more investors and shareholders who share in the common interest of harmonizing societies through the powerful instrumentation of music. Our selected management team and instructors are very highly qualified, skilled and motivated to achieving highest productive attainment in the institute, the industry links and the larger society.

Lani Stephens Music Institute (LSMI) is a subsidiary of Amazing "G" Ventures Limited incorporated on the 16th of November 1994 with RC No 257727. As a result of the Promoter’s divine call into evangelism, character development/rehabilitation and social works, using music as its major tool, the institute has grown over the years as the Biblical "mustard seed".

In the beginning, it was called "Christian Music Academy" but could not be given a registration status because of religious prejudices as a non-governmental humanitarian organization. But it gained a wider acceptance after the change of name.

Further to this, the growth and vast untapped prospects of this industry has become a propelling force for expansion. Lani Stephens Music Institute currently provides vocal and instrumental, proficiency training to all people from its Middle Belt location and the neighbouring states in Nigeria and extended to other African countries.

LSMI's Disasters & Relocation

On September 7, 2001 the sectarian religious war, which engulfed Jos city, was a great disaster in the history of LSMI's growth. All the institute had gathered in a decade were burnt into ashes in one day and even our most cherished and hard-working staff killed by the religious fanatics. The several unfortunate episodes of unrest that had followed that unforgettable incidence definitely have affected the institute.
The institute is now located at 600T Bauchi Ring Road, Cele Bridge, Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria.

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